How To Do New Jersey Vehicle Registration

By | January 1, 2023

Residents of the state of New Jersey must submit the vehicle title, evidence of insurance, their social security number, an odometer reading, payment for the registration cost, and sales tax to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) to register a vehicle. After New Jersey Vehicle Registration, newcomers to the state must also have their vehicles examined.

Getting a Car Registered in New Jersey

Transferring the title, registering the vehicle, and obtaining an NJ driver’s license are requirements for anyone moving to New Jersey for at least six months. After establishing residency in New Jersey, new residents have 60 days to register their automobile. Residents of New Jersey must have New Jersey liability insurance before enrolling.

New Jersey Vehicle Registration

  • Show the insurance company’s name and policy number, or a New Jersey insurance identification card.
  • substantiate your Social Security number.
  • the license number from a New Jersey driver’s license. Residents must submit six forms of identification if they don’t have an NJ driver’s license (the MVC explains identification documents that meet the point total).
  • give the odometer reading for the car.
  • submit the proper titling application. Fax (Form CS-54) from your Initial Packet to your lienholder if there is a lien on the car. The MVC will receive the title from them and mail the resident a postcard confirming receipt of the title.
  • submit the vehicle New Jersey Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49)
  • Pay the registration fees (depending on the vehicle’s age and weight; the full list of fees is available from the MVC).

Within 14 days of registering their vehicle, New Jersey citizens must get their car inspected.

Getting a Car Registered in New Jersey

Depending on whether inhabitants of this state buy their cars from a dealership or a private seller, the registration procedure varies.

NJ citizens may also use the same license plates while changing their registration from an old car to a new one (see below).

Vehicles Acquired from a Dealer

No matter if the vehicle is new or used, the dealership will take care of the titling and registration. The cost of the purchase will include the payment of sales tax.

Changing Your New Jersey Automobile Registration

Residents of Garden State are permitted to transfer their current car registration and license plates to a new vehicle, but the name and code on the new registration must precisely match those on the old registration. This transaction will cost you an extra $4.50. If people still have time for the registration they are transferring, the registration payments may be prorated.

Extension of Leased Vehicle Registration in New Jersey

On new automobiles that have not previously been sold or leased, residents of New Jersey are required to pay a registration fee for the duration of the lease. You are required to pay the registration fee for the next year if the lease does not terminate within a typical calendar year.

For instance, a lease for 38 months calls for registration for the entire 48 months, whereas a lease for 36 months does not.

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