How to Pay Parking Tickets in New York

How to Pay Parking Tickets in New York: All parking fines and camera offenses must be paid, and the Department of Finance is in charge of processing payments.

When a car is seen speeding (as determined by radar) in a school speed zone, driving through a red light, parking in a bus lane, or standing in one, a camera violation has occurred.

Pay Parking Tickets in New York

Even if you think you are innocent, you must respond to any parking ticket or camera notice of violation you receive within 30 days of the ticket’s issue date or the notice of liability date.

To avoid fines, interest, and the potential for booting or towing your car, you must either pay the fine or contest the penalty. If you contest the ticket and the decision is not what you expected, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision.


You may settle your parking fine by:

Online, offline, and via mail

Can I pay with a phone?

No longer does the NYC Department of Finance accept Pay Parking Tickets in New York.

How would I go about contesting the ticket?

Within 30 days following the ticket’s issue date, you have the right to contest a parking ticket by asking for a hearing. If you wait longer than 30 days, there can be consequences.

Medical situations and faulty meters are only two of the many grounds for which you might contest a parking charge. Visit this page for further details about contesting a ticket.

How can I ask for a hearing?

To avoid paying late fees, you must ask for a hearing to contest a parking ticket within 30 days of the ticket’s issuance.

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How to use this step-by-step online parking ticket payment guide:

  1. Go to NYC311.
  2. The service “Pay a Parking Ticket” should be selected.
  3. To pay a parking or camera citation online with your license plate, summons, or NOL number, click the appropriate link.
  4. Enter your violation number OR license plate number, the kind, and the state your automobile is registered in.
  5. Type in your payment details.
  6. Your payment will be posted in 2-4 business days after you submit it.

Ready? Bring these items:

  • Number of violations
  • registration number
  • Tell us where the car is registered.

Paid through Mail

To redeem your ticket, follow the directions on the reverse of the orange envelope. Include a check or money order for the entire amount shown on the ticket’s front. NEVER send cash. Only your payment should be placed in the envelope; do not include any other correspondence. Your copy of the Pay Parking Tickets in New York is not required to be sent.

Pay by mail to:

Manhattan Department of Finance

Postal Box 3640, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008-3640

A timely response will allow for letter delivery. By the end of the 30th day following the date the ticket was issued, Finance must receive your response to the ticket.

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